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Table tennis is a familiar and popular sport with interesting bets. If you are a fan of this game and want to learn how to bet on prizes, then learn how to bet on table tennis through the article below!

Introduction to table tennis betting

Introduction to table tennis betting

This sport is one of the popular indoor sports games with extremely fierce opposition. The two teams participating in the competition can play singles or duels, and the two teams will compete based on scores in 5 sec matches against each other.

This sport is also chosen by many bettors at bookmaker 90jili with many attractive bets and rewards. Currently, there are many famous live matches in the world giving players more “playground” to earn rewards.

Let’s learn how to bet on this sport through the information 90jili provide below!

What are the benefits of participating in table tennis betting at 90jili?

Currently, this sport is organizing many tournaments and are all broadcast live on the online betting floor. However, players tend to flock to 90jili betting house because this playground offers members many outstanding benefits.

Specifically, we can review the outstanding advantages that 90jili possesses as follows:

  • Stream many attractive live tournaments: Players can choose from large and small tournaments everywhere with up to 15 tournaments.
  • Many game halls with many different styles: 90jili is attractive to many game providers, specifically you can bet at the Sports hall from famous providers such as Saba Sports, BTI Sports, CMD Sport,…
  • Many forms of betting: At the betting halls on 90jili, players can easily choose to bet with many forms of table tennis betting that bring high winning rates.
  • Clear betting table layout: You will easily track betting history, match information or bets with a clear, detailed layout. This also greatly helps gamers easily play and earn rewards.

Learn the rules of the game and table tennis betting on 90jili

Learn the rules of the game and table tennis betting on 90jili

Let’s start learning how to bet on sports games through the game rules and detailed knowledge below.

Scoring rules 

The rules of this sport are as follows:

  • In a normal match, the match will take place with 5 matches, however if any team wins the first 3 matches, the match will end and the match result will be decided to win without needing to finish the match. all 5 games.
  • In a soccer game, the team that scores 11 points first wins. However, the score must be 2 points different. If both teams have 10 points, they must play until one team takes the lead by 2 points.
  • In table tennis, turns will be alternated to ensure fairness for both sides.
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Betting rules at table tennis betting portal 90jili 

  • Betting results in each football match are decided by the house and are only counted when there is a clear notification from the system sent to the player.
  • Participating members’ bets will be canceled and bets paid if during the betting process an incident occurs that changes or cancels the match, changes the time of the match or the playing field, etc.
  • Table tennis betting matches can be played in pairs or singles, but regardless of the form, if the players withdraw or are disqualified from competing, bets on this match will be canceled and the system will refund the money. bets for players.
  • Bets and odds will be announced in detail and specifically for participating players and will be different in sports halls at 90jili.
  • If during the process of participating in betting, the player commits fraud or does not strictly comply with the regulations and rules of the game that 90jili offers, the bonus will be revoked, and even the wallet or account will be locked. member.

Popular table Tennis Betting

Participating in betting at 90jili, you will be able to choose one of the following popular betting forms:

  • Betting on the winning team: This form of betting means you will predict that a specific team will win at the end of the match. This form of betting is considered the simplest, rookies can consider this bet when first getting acquainted.
  • Handicap bet on the winning team: Players bet on the winning team based on the handicap given by the bookmaker when the match has a difference in the strength of the two teams. 
  • Betting on the winning player: This bet applies to single matches, you will predict the player will win that football match.
  • Total score bet: Players will predict the score of both teams, applicable to both singles or doubles matches. You can choose to bet on the total score of a team or an extended bet as you like.
  • Bet to score first: In this table tennis betting, the player who chooses to bet on a single team or player will win the important milestone first (points 3, 5, 5, 7).
  • Bet how many points ahead: The player predicts that 2 teams will have one team leading the opponent by a specific number of points. 
  • Over/Under Betting: Based on the total points scored by the two teams in the match given by the system, the player’s task will be to predict whether the actual total score will be lower or higher than this number (Over is larger, Under is smaller).
  • Even/Odd bet: The player predicts whether the total score of the two teams will be even or odd.
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The easiest to apply table tennis betting tips for beginners

The easiest to apply table tennis betting tips for beginners

The rules for playing table tennis betting in world competitions, or the rules for betting on this subject, are not complicated. Players do not need to learn too many rules like other sports such as soccer, volleyball,…

However, to be able to bet effectively, players must not be subjective and must equip themselves with good knowledge. We will share with you some easy-to-apply playing tips, pocket them immediately if you are a newbie!

  • Understand the rules of the game as well as betting rules: You need to understand the rules to be able to monitor and understand the situation as well as legally purchase betting tickets.
  • Find out carefully about the tournament information: What is the nature of the tournament, its scale as well as the exchange history, the previous ranking history of that tournament, you must know to choose the tournament accordingly. Easiest to play than you.
  • Reasonable bet allocation: This betting tip is always correct and easy to apply to any subject, not just table tennis betting. You will easily control your betting capital and avoid “overspending” causing heavy damage.
  • The playing style of each player: The playing style, playing style, performance during play or other related factors such as the players’ mental fitness also greatly affect the match results, so you need to find understand carefully.

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